Another reason *not* to join in on the hype of automatic Apt updates (ignoring the fact that usually you still have to do more, e.g restart services hanging on to dead inode references of vulnerable libraries):

RCE vuln in Apt itself.

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Important APT security update - please read the instructions to upgrade APT safely

Hooray, upgraded to 2.7.0 without fuss

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I wonder if LQDN will ever send me my T-shirt

5:30pm... might be a bad time to think about upgrading my Mastodon instance to 2.7.. 🤔

Happy Sunday (I thought it was Monday, fuck yeah!)

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J’ai découvert la série « Au service de la France » sur Netflix 😂 trop rigolo

Strangest (local) breed of cucumber! ‘Richmond apple’ they are everywhere on my balcony all grown from seed

Oh Linode, what have you done to your authoritative nameservers...

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